Monday, February 16, 2009

A recomendation..

Here's a piece of advice if you live near a Macaroni Grill - Go there and order the Pinot Grigio Chicken! Matt and I picked up Macaroni Grill to go on Valentines Day and both ordered it! One of the two of us usually gets it, but that night we both had to have it!
We had intended on eating at the restaurant on Valentines day, but when we saw the wait was 110 minutes, we ordered it to go and took it back home! It only took 10 minutes to get our food and then we got to have our own romantic dinner in front of our fireplace at home! Plus we had the meow-sical styling of DJ Chazzy Chas! Now that's something you don't get at the Macaroni Grill!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just In Case

Just in case you tuned into my post titled "Cupcake Trance" and was disappointed the video didn't work, I updated it. The new video is not as funny as the one that was on "The Soup", but it is still hilarious! You totally have to check it out! It's just a little scroll down from here....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Speaking of...

Since I mentioned the show "The Soup", I've got to ask if anyone else thinks that
my brother....
looks like Joel Mchale??

Cupcake Trance!!

I've never watched the show "It's Me or the Dog", but if every episode is this hilarious I might consider it. I had a video from "The Soup" showing stains the dog, but it decided not to work. This one's funny too though. I've never seen a dog in such a trance. Those must be really good cupcakes!