Monday, April 28, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Jenn "tagged" me and I guess the responsible thing to do would be to here we go.


I was an eager Sophomore waiting to turn 16 so that I could start driving! I also had very large bangs and my eyebrows were way to far apart because of a tragic razor incident.


1. Go to dinner with my family

2. Go on a scooter ride.

3. Blog about something.

***My days are usually pretty uneventful, but since I had the day off I really didn't have much on my "to do" list.


Quit my job, buy a house, pay off my parents house, buy a Mini Cooper for me and a motorcycle for Matt and travel, travel, travel.

1. Nagging people for eating, scratching, burping, talking, walking, sitting, and breathing too loudly.

2. Being way too emotional, or as Matt puts it "having moments of temporary insanity"

3. Being addicted to "The Hills", "The Bachelor" and "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"


1. Personal Trainer

2. Physical Therapy Aide

3. Cleaner at a Urologist Office (not as bad as it sounds, but still pretty bad!)


1. An email that I wrote to the radio station X 96.3 was discussed in great length on air because it was misunderstood as a propositioning for a threesome involving my boyfriend Matt, me, and a male intern. Much to their disappointment, I set them straight and there was no threesome to be had.

2. Tyrone Corbin (aka "The Milkman" who used to play for the Jazz) taught me how to shoot free throws.

3. I cry when people large groups of people clap.

4. I hate when people crumple their napkins, I have to fold mine and try to make it look nice.

5. I hate feet! I don't want to touch mine, I don't want to touch yours and I don't want you to touch mine. In fact, it would be best if I didn't look at them, and I definitely don't want to look at you touching your feet.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life With Chas

I kid you not, except for the whole baseball bat thing, this is a daily routine for Chas. Matt and I are looking into having his voice box removed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our DNA is 99% the same after all...

I've been thinking about it, and I've come to this conclusion: A trained monkey could do my job. It is never a good feeling to realize that. So I've got to find a new job, preferably one that a trained animal could not do. Unfortunately if I use that standard, it cuts out a few jobs that I would like to do. When I started working for the postal service I had hopes of eventually becoming a mail carrier. I always thought it would be a fun job, but when I found out that a monkey could do that job too, my hopes were dashed!

Blasted monkeys, they are so talented!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Tis better to be silent and thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt"

There's a lot of pressure associated with writing the first blog. So here I am, trying to think of something witty, intelligent, or mind-blowing so that all of you who found this blog, might actually come back to read it again!! I should probably take the advice of Lisa Simpson (from the quote above), but most of you already think I'm a fool to some degree, so I've really got nothing to lose.

Most of you didn't know it, but I have two children. (left to right: Stormy and Chas). I lovingly refer them as my kids because they are a good trial run before having real children. While Chas is technically Matt's cat, and Stormy is mine, we have both adopted the other as our own. Both were adopted from shelters and are so much fun. They have such different personalities, but both enjoy cat nip, playing in their tent, hanging out on the patio watching the ducks, and watching "Homeward Bound".

Matt is the third animal in my life! In fact, he might be the cutest one. (ahh, cheesy I know!) Matt and I met the day after Christmas while he was working at J.C. Penny. I came in that day to return some boots, and left with a date. We have basically been inseparable ever since!

I'll be brief for right now because as time goes on I'm sure you'll be sick of hearing about me, Matt, and the cats. So I want to leave you wanting more, that way you'll come back again! However, you may be wondering why my blog is called "I Wave at Dogs". Well, its because I do. It all started one day when I waved to a dog crossing the street with his owner, and has continued to this day. I really try to control the waving at animals, mostly because it makes me look like a crazy person, but I can't help but giggle. What can I say? I love animals! One of my favorite things about driving on I-15 is getting to see the pictures of all the animals up for adoption at the Humane Society. The truly amazing thing is that despite my rubber-necking to try to see as many animals as possible on the screen, I haven't gotten in any accidents! Knock on wood!!