Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucky Streak

As you may have read, or can read below this post, I won a contest earlier this month and got to go to the Jazz game and be a true blue fan. Well my luck has continued. This morning on the KSL news at 6 they have a contest during the final weather segments. The question had to due with the Panda Express menu. It was:
Panda Express has a new entree, is it Honey Nut:
a. chicken
b. shrimp
c. kabob
Do you know the answer? I did....Luckily Matt and I had been to Panda about a weak prior and got to try the new Honey Nut Shrimp. So when I heard the weatherman finish the question I luckily had my cell phone next to me which has email on it. So I quickly typed the answer (B) and sent it away. I didn't get an email back, so I assumed I lost. Then magically I heard and saw my name on the television saying that I had won a $50 Panda Express gift certificate! Yummy...that will buy a lot of Panda! I'm wondering what good thing will happen next...I'm thinking I should give Wendover a shot!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

True Blue Jazz Night

Matt and I love to watch JAZZ games on television. (More specifically we DVR them and watch them at our convenience, but either way!) During the game they have a graphic on the bottom of the screen and it tells you to text the number and you could win something. Well I entered the "true blue jazz fan" contest which was an opportunity for you to pick a job within the arena and be able to "work" for a night. Some of the different choices were ball boy, team president, security, tv producer, superscreen, game operations, etc. Well out of 20,000 text messages I won and got the chance to work with the game operations team at Saturday nights game versus the LA Clippers.
We arrived at the ESA at 5:30 a nd went into the Jazz 100 club downstairs for a nice meal of rolls, salad, veggies, pot roast, and yummy desserts. Each contest winner (two for each job) got to bring a guest, so of course I brought Matt. The vice president of the team spoke to us for a while and surprised us with a jersey of our very own.On the back of the jersey it says "Jazz True Blue Fan 2010". It is pretty cool and authenticMatt was jealous that he didn't get a jersey, but all was forgotten when the Jazz dancers showed up!!
As I said, my "job" was with the game operations team. These are the guys that coordinate all of the pregame,timeout, and halftime entertainment and contests. They have a log of approximately when all timeouts will be and who does what during this time. There wasn't a lot of "work" to do during my time with them, but I did get to hold a banner for Toscanos while the Jazz dancers handed out food to a chosen section. Don't feel too bad for me that I didn't have much to do, because I got to stand on ground level and watch the game. It was so awesome being that close to the action!!
Plus I ran into the Lil Bear! I'm not sure if its an L.P. in that costume or a kid, but either way I thought it was awesome! I must have been looking hot this night or something, because Baron Davis is staring right at me with a huge grin on his face! I mean, what else could he be so happy about? During halftime we got to walk onto the court and be announced as contest winners and what our "jobs" were. It was pretty neat, and pictures should be coming soon! So after all the fun and glory of the first half, I was sent up to our seats where Matt had been sitting the whole game. It was quite a hike to get up there! But ultimately even though we were in the upper bowl we still had a pretty good view of the game!All in all it was a great night! Now I just hope my luck helps me with the other contest for a 42" HDTV!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Most of you have probably seen this video, if you haven't been living under a rock like I have! Apparently this little kitty took youtube by storm and its not hard to see why!!

I've tried to get stormy or chas to do this same thing, but so far it's not working...darn cats!!