Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We were very overwhelmed with all that was on the "to do" list upon moving into our house. So what did we do???...prioritize.
Our #1 priority...television.
Finally, since we weren't in an apartment we could hang our tv on the wall instead of just having it sit on our tv stand. Matt took upon himself to complete the task, and I was there to document it. step #1: drill holes for the box
Step 2: Using the drilled holes as starting spots, cut the box using a jigsaw.
Step 3: Attach the green boxes into the drywall. Now you have places for your cords to connect to your devices. Step 4: After finding the center of the wall, mark a level line parallel to the floor.Step 5: Use the parallel line as a guide for where to attach the mounting bracket.Step 6: After bracket is firmly attached, lift the television and attach it to the bracket on the wall.
Now comes the really fun part...running the wires through the wall!! But first you've got to figure our which cord is which!

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