Monday, November 1, 2010


I've never been a huge fan of Halloween. Of course I've never had anything against the holiday, afterall, I've got no complaints with a holiday that gives free candy to children...or at least I didn't have an complaints when I was the kid getting the free candy.
Since it was our first Halloween in our house, we decided to dress up and have a mini Halloween party of our own. I dressed up as a rocker chic and Matt dressed up as...umm..I'm not sure...but it was pretty scary! Here we are in our outfits...
...and here is a close up of Matt's face in all his scary glory! Unfortuately he didn't keep in his outfit very long since the wig made him want to itch his face...which doesn't work too well when covered in face paint!
Our friends Daniel and Dominique came over...along with Daniel's brother Steve.
Here we are all just goofing off! Steve-the crazy gun nut (And don't worry---it's not loaded), Daniel-the escaped prisoner, Dominique-the old-time bar maid, Matt-the guy in the Avatar wig, and Kristin-the rocker chic!!
We had a great first Halloween in our new house, and we had a lot of cute trick or treaters show up for free candy...despite the rain!

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