Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Song!!

At my friend Jenn's wedding, my other friend asked me if me and Matt had a song. We had been dating for over 2 years at the time, but as much as I wanted to say that we had this ultimately romantic song that summed up our feelings for each other in a perfect way...ultimately I had to say that we did not. "Oh well" I thought, "I'm not in a high school relationship anymore, so no big deal." And...I didn't think about it again...until...

.... a couple of weeks ago Matt informed me that we now had a song. I had never heard the song before, so we pulled the video up on youtube and watched it together.

If you've already pushed know what the video is about. But, I was completely surprised when I saw it that this is what Matt had thought was "our song" and represented our relationship. But...since he had only listened to the song on the radio, he also was totally surprised by the video also..

I think Matt picked a good song for "our song". The lyrics are great and the video is hilarious... and I think it makes me love the "our song" even more.

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